Project Presentations

I believe everyone has had a chance to present their progress in their projects.  I now have an understanding of what everyone is working on.  Many of the tools they were using could help us all on our own projects.  Daeseon showed us a walkthrough of the code he was working on and introduced us to Uno.  Tiago explained how he was using a Virtual Machine to make an OpenSolaris box.  It was interesting to see that even though both Solaris and StarOffice are run by SUN they were working on projects to make free versions.  Or perhaps not, seeing as how there seemed to be little support by SUN for OpenOffice on OpenSolaris.  Ladan demonstrated the problem that was in OOo’s Calc, how Microsoft dealt with the problem in Excel and what their plans were for Calc’s solution.  Bart explained to us how they wanted to be able to copy master pages between Impress windows, and pointed out some functions in Impress that would help him achieve this.  And lastly Jerry gave us a quick demo of the additional 3D slideshow transitions they want to implement in Impress and the process they were going to use to implement them.

I think I covered the presentations so far, I hope I haven’t left anyone out.  These presentations really help show the scope of and its complexity.  These projects aren’t going to be finished in the next two weeks but it is interesting to see how everyone is getting started.  I’m sure it will also be interesting to see how everyone has progressed since there first project presentations. 

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