distcc and distccd setup

Added a simple and somewhat bare bones setup guide to the Seneca Distcc Wiki, with much of the info coming from Daeseon Moon’s Blog Post.  We got Germany, Ireland and Australia setup as a distcc cluster.  Running distcc on any of the three will have it compile on all three machines.  This took  a little work on figuring out which was the proper subnet mask for the cdot network.  The right ip masking is now in the wiki.

For some fun I’ll work on finding comparative compile times of one machine vs two vs three and I’ll post the results as a comment on this blog.

One Response to “distcc and distccd setup”

  1. abraini Says:

    Compiling apache httpd-2.2.11

    3 machines
    Sun Jan 25 23:04:40 EST 2009
    Sun Jan 25 23:05:19 EST 2009
    39 seconds.

    2 machines
    Sun Jan 25 23:10:32 EST 2009
    Sun Jan 25 23:11:23 EST 2009
    51 seconds.

    1 machine
    Sun Jan 25 23:15:45 EST 2009
    Sun Jan 25 23:16:48 EST 2009
    1 minute 03 seconds

    looks like it will be a ~25% performance increase per machine.

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