Install Ubuntu & OpenOffice

I spent the last day installing Ubuntu.  The Ubuntu install wasn’t the hard part, in fact it was the easiest install of any OS I’ve ever had the dis/pleasure of running.  I didn’t even have to burn a CD.  I was to lazy to go get one so I chose to install from a USB drive.

The only issue was in order to boot from the USB the boot order of the drives in the BIOS needed to be changed so the USB memory stick would be at the top.  This caused and issue with GRUB.  When the GRUB boot loaded installed it recognised the Windows XP OS as being on a hard drive in another order then when the USB is not booting.  A simple fix to the GRUB menu items and dual booting was gravy.  Installing OpenOffice was just as easy with Ubuntu’s nice and GUI’d Add Programs menu.

The lengthy issue was trying to get the Native install of Windows XP to load in VirtualBox or VMware.  This took all day and in the end I was unsuccessful.  It would actually have been faster for me to do a clean install of the OS and all the necessary applications but I was stuck on this problem and I wasn’t going to give up.

Next Task: Compile OpenOffice from source.

One Response to “Install Ubuntu & OpenOffice”

  1. rtsticstyle Says:

    Ubuntu is the easiest OS installation indeed!! Everything went smoothly for me and all hardwares were detected flawlessly even on my crappy laptop. Anyways, I’m curious if you have succeeded to make svn running ,, I was stuck in the ‘svnsync’ part and finally gave up after spending several hours pulling my hair out over this.
    Good luck and let me know if you make it! – Ryan

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